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Bay Bridge Chardonnay, California -Non Vintage¬† (1.99 Ralph’s)

  • Nose- Soft vanilla, wintergreen mint
  • Body- Medium body, nice weight
  • Taste- Very mild acidity with soft green apples and tart berries
  • Finish- Nice smooth tart berries

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2008 Louis Jadot, French Beaujolais (Ralphs 9.99)

  • Color- Purple, Red
  • Nose- Old tire, Smoke wood,¬† Cherries
  • Body- Light
  • Taste- Cherries, Smoke wood (not oak), smooth

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2008 Little Black Dress, California chardonnay (8.99 Ralph’s)

  • Color- Pale yellow
  • Nose- Citrus, Lime peel
  • Body-¬† Medium, silky
  • Taste- mild acidity with a sour citrus flavor

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