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2008 La Granja 360, Spain.. Tempranillo

  • Color- Purple/Red
  • Nose- A little funky, Red berries,
  • Body- Medium
  • Taste- Light tannins, Raspberry, Plum, Little dry

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2005 Gaetano D Aquino, Chianti Riserva

  • Color- Dark Ruby Red
  • Nose- Pepper, Chocolate, Dark berries, Cherries
  • Body- Light
  • Taste- Smooth, Pepper, Dry cherry, oak, dry 

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2006 Columbia Crest- Two Vines Merlot-Cabernet, Washington State

  • Color- Watery Red
  • Nose- Light oak, Pepper, Blackberry, raspberry,
  • Body- Light
  • Taste- Vanilla, Oak, Blackberry, Raspberry, light acidity, Cocoa, Spice  

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Wine temp 3

The serving temperature of a wine is one of the most important aspects of wine tasting/drinking.

  •  A white wine served too warm will seem to lack flavor, the alcohol heat will be more obvious  and will be dull on the palate.  When a white wine is served to cold the flavors hide and it will he hard to get anything from the wine.
  • A red wine severed to chilled (cold) will often take away the aroma of the wine and will seem to lack flavor and taste thin. Serving red wine to warm will change the balance of the wine. The tannins and alcohol will stand out and the fruit and other flavors with be harder to detect.

 Chilling Out

Dry white or semi dry wines such as Sauvignon Blanc should be chilled at or around 40°F.

Other wine that should be chilled the same are:


Desert wines

Less expensive sparkling wines

 Cellar Temp

Cellar temperature should be no lower than 50°F no higher than 70°F. 

Room Temperature

Room temp should be at 55°-65°F. Your normal reds (Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, ect.) should be served at room temp so that the wine is more aromatic and the flavor will be bright on the palate.

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2005 Egri Bikaver “Red Wine”, Hungarian

  • Color- Burgundy Red
  • Nose- Green, bell pepper, grass, fresh red berries
  • Body- Light
  • Taste- Sour cranberry, bell pepper, vegetal, raspberries, cherry, smooth

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2007 Sebeka, South Africa Cabernet Pinotage  ($8.99)

  • Color- Dark ruby red
  • Nose – Barn yard, berries, herbal, Spices  
  • Body- Full
  • Taste- Blackberries,  Tannic, jammy, spices

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Vino Teque (Los Angeles)

Vino Teque is a wonderfully designed romantic wine bar. With over 350 bottles to choose from there is a wine for everyone to enjoy. They also have Tuesday Sip & Swirl which gives you a chance to sample wines and try their great food.


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