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2007 Masi Masianco Pinot Grigio, Italy

  • Color Lite straw yellow
  • Nose-Citrus, Apricots, Pears
  • Body- Lite
  • Taste- High acidity, Grapefruit, Apples, Pears

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wine 5

A wine glass is more than a holder that prevents your favorite beverage from running through your fingers. The right glass can make all the difference when enjoying the color, aroma, and taste of your wine. So next time your pouring a glass make sure it’s the right glass.

There is a fun little test I like to do every once in a while when drinking with friends and they state they do not believe glass or cup makes any difference. So here is the test:  Grab a normal plastic cup, a coffee mug, and the proper wine glass. With all 3 in a line pour wine into each, then go through the tasting steps (Sight, Nose, Taste) starting with the plastic cup, then the coffee mug, and last the wine glass.  Now was there a difference?

 (Helpful note: When holding your glass, remember to hold either the stem or the base of the glass. This is very important because if a glass is held at the “bowl of the glass” your hand will transfer heat to the wine which can change the taste and aroma of your wine.)

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