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Textured Wine (determining wine body)

The wines body is very important and will always be part of a wine review.  The body of  a wine refers to the fullness, weight and concentration and total mouth feel of a wine.  Wine’s body is mostly due to the alcohol percentage of  the wine.  A lower percentage wine (9% or lower) will generally be considered Light and a high percentage wine (13% or higher) would generally be considered Full.  The last wine body characteristic Medium, this can be a little different from just tasting a big full-bodied red wine or a light citrus white wine. You will often feel like saying Light to Medium or  Medium to Full.  Both of these are perfectly fine reviews of a wine and are often used. 

Here is a quick test that will help you with determining the body of a wine.

  • Step 1 – You will need 3 different wines. Each will need to be of a different body (full,medium, and light). You can use the above information to pick 3 wines or  ask for help at you favorite wine shop.
  • Step 2 – You will need water, skim milk, whole milk, and heavy cream
  • Step 3 – Place 7 empty glasses on a tabel
  • Step 4 – Pour water in glass #1, Skim milk in glass #2, Whole milk in glass #3, and Heavy cream in glass #4, “Light” wine glass #5, “Medium” wine glass #6, and “Full” wine glass #7.
  •  Step 5 – Taste glass #5, move the wine around your mouth. Try to feel the weight of the wine on your tongue. Now taste glass #2,#3,#4. After tasting each glass try to pick which milk or cream body reminds you of the wine (remember to cleanse your palate by drinking water after each glass tasted). 
  • Step 6 – Repeat step 5 with glass #6 and then 7#

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     I want to start off by saying I LOVE WINE and the “art” of wine making.  But with that said, I would like to talk about my frustration with the wine industry in whole.  I took my first sip of wine a little over 2 years ago and immediately wanted to know more about wine and how to pick the best wine for my taste.   So I began to research wine and tasting as much wine as possible .  In the past 2 years I have ran across so many different books, websites, and ” Sommelier ” that did not give me the info that I really wanted and needed. I have spent hundreds of dollars on useless books.  I even spent $300 on a wine tasting kit, you know the one with the little scent tester that supposed to help you with determining the nose on a glass a wine. That was a joke, it would have been better to just flush $300 down the toilet. So after all the classes and research I have done i still don’t have the answer to my one and only question How Do I Pick a Good Bottle of Wine?.

Have you found the answer to this question?



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2006 Michele Chiarlo Barbera D’Asti (Italy)

  • Color- Ruby Red
  • Nose- Black pepper, Dark Fruit
  • Body- Med to Full 
  • Taste- Dry, Spice, Juicy ripe red berries, Black berry 

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2008 Gaetano D’Aquino Pinot Grigio (Italy)

  • Color- Watery lime
  • Nose- green mint, Vanilla, mineral
  • Body- Medium to Light
  • Taste- Medium acidity, citrus, Dry, Mineral

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