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Valentine’s day is less than 24hrs away, have you bought that perfect wine for your date yet? Probably not, but no worries I’ve got you covered. The plan is to keep it cheap but knock you mates shocks off right? Below I put together 3 killer wines that will do just that. So buy one or buy all of them, either way I’m sure that they will step you game up for tomorrows big day…. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Rondel Semi Seco 6.99… Bright, fresh, Sweet, very easy drinking sparkling wine

S Orsola Brachetto D’Acqul 12.99… Big Cherry flavor, Sweet, Great color

Blue Vin Riesling 7.98… Smooth, creamy, light peach flavor… Very nice

Here’s a few more just in case you need more to choose from. Now this is a BIG & Important disclaimer… These wines get sweeter as the go down… If you have a sweet tooth give them a try, if not stick with the above wines.

Sexy wine bomb red blend 2007 9.99…
Alto Arglelo Sweet Red Malbec 6.99

B Lovely sweet red 9.99

Red decadence chocolate wine 9.99


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Color- Clear Purple
Nose- Funky, spices, Dark fruit
Taste- Dry lightly tannic with Big blackberry flavors

$3.99 @ Trader Joes

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Finca La Lande, 2007 Melbec, Argentina- ($16.99 BevMo)

 First Impression

  • Color- Brick Red
  • Nose- Burnt rubber, Dark fruit, Spices
  • Taste- Hot (Not heat hot or spice hot- more like alcohol hot), mid tannin, Spicy, Fruit is there but hard to pick out with the heat and tannin
  • Body- Medium
  • Finish – It really falls flat. Leaves the mouth wet with no lasting flavor (Maybe some spice and tannin have a short finish)  
  • Easy to drink? This wine is ok, the heat of the wine really takes from the wine (for me).  

 Additional reviews:

2nd taster- Did not like the wine, states that the dark brick red color was interesting but the wine is too hot, the nose is a little off putting, and the taste is bland and falls off.

3rd taster- Did like the wine, states the color is bright and clear, the burnt rubber nose is different but interesting, and taste dark cherries, black fruit, and spicy.

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