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Trivento, 2005 Syrah, Argentina $9.99 (BevMo)

First Impression

  • Color – Sexy Ruby
  • Nose – Very interesting a lot going on
  • Taste – Fruity – Mid tannin (not to overwhelming), Leave mouth with a great taste

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Finca La Lande, 2007 Melbec, Argentina- ($16.99 BevMo)

 First Impression

  • Color- Brick Red
  • Nose- Burnt rubber, Dark fruit, Spices
  • Taste- Hot (Not heat hot or spice hot- more like alcohol hot), mid tannin, Spicy, Fruit is there but hard to pick out with the heat and tannin
  • Body- Medium
  • Finish – It really falls flat. Leaves the mouth wet with no lasting flavor (Maybe some spice and tannin have a short finish)  
  • Easy to drink? This wine is ok, the heat of the wine really takes from the wine (for me).  

 Additional reviews:

2nd taster- Did not like the wine, states that the dark brick red color was interesting but the wine is too hot, the nose is a little off putting, and the taste is bland and falls off.

3rd taster- Did like the wine, states the color is bright and clear, the burnt rubber nose is different but interesting, and taste dark cherries, black fruit, and spicy.

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