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Coroa D’ouro, 2005 Douro, Portugal ($12.99 BevMo)

  • Color- Purple/Red
  • Nose- Spicy, Leather, Oaky, Berries
  • Taste- Leather, Cherry, Black berries
  • Finish- Ok, nothing exciding has a oaky and leathery after taste
  • Easy to drink? Semi, this wine is ok it’s a bigger wine and the oak and leather can be a little off putting.

Additional reviews

2nd taster- Does not like the wine, cherry and leather nose with almond, black berries, spices kind of dull at the beginning but finishes strong

3rdtaster- Ok wine, Leathery nose, cinnamon and cherry flavor


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Gazela Vinho Verde (No Vintage) White Wine, Portugal ($8.99 BevMo)

  • Color- Almost looks like water, very very light yellow
  • Nose- Lacks balance, tart citrus
  • Body- Light
  • Taste- Sour, Tart, zest of lemons, citrus
  • Finish- Short, flavors falls off pretty quick
  • Easy to drink? This wine can be a little off putting if you don’t like sour or tart flavors. But that being said it is drinkable when chilled. Unless you just want to work on developing your palate I would pass on this wine.

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