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2008 La Granja 360, Spain.. Tempranillo

  • Color- Purple/Red
  • Nose- A little funky, Red berries,
  • Body- Medium
  • Taste- Light tannins, Raspberry, Plum, Little dry

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Scala Dei, 2003 Cartoiya Reserva, Spain (Vino-wine bar Encino, CA $54 btl or $14 gls)

First Impression

  • Color-
  • Nose- Leather. Dark fruit.Caramel
  • Taste- Black cherry, oak, caramel, Lite tannins
  • Body- Medium
  • Finish – Cool caramel flavor last for a bite

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Condes De Albarei, 2008 Albarino, Spain ($14.99 BevMo)

  • Color- Pale yellow green
  • Nose- green apples, Lemons, tart/sour aroma
  • Taste- Silky , bright/light sour green apples, Light tannins
  • Body- Medium
  • Easy to drink? Yes, I really like this. I think it is interesting and bright on the palate.
  • Finish- Pleasing, the sour apple flavor last for a bit

Additional reviews

2nd taster- Good wine, has a musky pear nose, pear and sour apple taste

3rd taster- Great wine, Musky nose, green apple flavor is pleasing to palate

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